The best insurance proposal & presentation system available

Do your insurance proposals end up on the dreaded “to be read” stack?

If the answer is a yes, probably, maybe, or my prospect or client would never do that to me, think again.


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Most insurance agencies / brokers and producers generate their insurance proposals from agency management software or they spend lots of time and money creating their own insurance proposal and/or insurance presentation.

The result is an insurance proposal or insurance presentation that looks exactly like their competitors. Me-Too in a Me-Too marketplace.

The result? You end up with an insurance proposal or insurance presentation that your client or prospect does not want to read and will not understand. Why? Think about it. As an insurance professional you’re exposed to industry jargon each and every day. On the other hand, a potential client or prospect is exposed to this language (unique to the insurance industry) probably only once a year.Simple example; Name another industry that labels its sales force producers? The language of insurance is NOT understood by the typical insurance buyer.

Just Give Me A Quote

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Compound this with the fact that your insurance proposal or presentation is stuffed with confusing insurance terms such as “broad form, limits, floaters, inland marine etc,” that are not part of your clients or prospects daily language.

No wonder they are confused. If your insurance proposal or insurance presentation is a sea of text and numbers (which they don’t understand and won’t read), they will immediately focus their attention on the one thing they do understand. The price. This is the reason clients and prospects ask you to “just give me a quote.” They don’t want something from you (your quote/proposal) that they will not understand, but they do understand the bottom line.

There Is A Better Way

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NuMind has spent years researching, field testing and finally solving this problem. Our NuMind Network Insurance Sales System includes NuMind insurance proposals, insurance maps and insurance presentations (and other powerful tools) that are ALWAYS read, understood and acted upon.

We have developed a powerful insurance sales system that will give your insurance agency (and producers) instant COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in your marketplace by giving your clients and prospects an instant UNDERSTANDING of their insurance wants and needs.

Call us today to find out how NuMind’s revolutionary insurance sales system (cognitive insurance proposals and insurance presentations) can dramatically increase your agencies sales.


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