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In your FREE REPORT How to get a signed BOR letter in the first meeting you will learn:

  • How to break the “just give a quote dialog.”
  • How instantly differentiate yourself from the existing broker.
  • How to break a prospects relationship with their broker that has been in place for years.

Find out how the most successful producer/brokers do this with a smile.

Insurance prospects constantly tell NuMind Network members they are happy to sign the Broker of Record letter especially after seeing how the Broker of Record process really works. They ask “why do I understand my insurance for the first time with a complete stranger and not from my existing broker?


NuMind thinking is not for every agency. We turn down almost 50% of agencies we discuss NuMind with.

Sometimes it isOld Mind thinking vs. NuMind thinking. They are happy to be quote machines (low price wins) or not willing to rethink their sales process, or it is simply just not a good fit.

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