Insurance buyers will instantly understand you

NuMind Network members instantly stand out from every other insurance agency and producer


NuMind Network members give their clients and prospects INSTANT UNDERSTANDING of their insurance wants and needs. For the first time your prospects and clients will truly understand complex insurance concepts and processes, and why they need your proposed products and services.

The result?

Your prospects and clients will truly Understand, Appreciate and Value what you are bringing to the table. All NuMind Network members report sales gains, some dramatically.

How do we do this?

NuMind’s Cognitive Engineers and Information Architects have spent years creating and then perfecting an insurance sales system for the P & C and Benefits marketplace specifically designed to take advantage of the natural thinking process.

Our engineers and architects have built Cognitive Insurance template libraries (MS Word and .PDF formats) that help prospects and clients gain an instant understanding of the insurance products and services you propose.

Why does it work?

NuMind applies two disciplines to the creation of our unique insurance template and map libraries.

The 1st:

brain power100x126 med

NuMind Knowledge Engineering- Aproprietarymethodology/technology that applies key principles to mirror how human beings learn and think. NuMind uses this proprietary technology originally discovered by one of the worlds leading Cognitive Psychologist's who pioneered a method to extract, visualize and share the unconscious thinking process (thinking maps) of human beings. Thismethodology/technologybypassed years of experiential learning and was kept as a state secret in the in the country it was discovered in for 17 years. Very secret yet very powerful. Knowing the processes of thought and how the customers mind works is critical when constructing template content. We use this methodology/technology in the NuMind Network Level 3 Expert Performance system.

The 2nd:

NuMind Information Architecture- A methodology for restructuring information to dramatically increase the speed of information input, understanding and retention. NuMind applies this methodology throughout the template design process.

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The primary benefit of using this methodology is that it gives an information consumer the option of "skip and scan". Reading time is drastically reduced (up to 80%) and information retention is increased (up to 60% - short-term and long-term memory).

Getting to the point has never been easier.

The result?

Our Cognitive Insurance template and map libraries have been carefully constructed to conform to how prospects and clients minds really work. They will achieve the following:

  • Radical restructuring of traditional insurance proposals and presentations
  • Dramatic increase of information input (up to 80%)
  • Instant understanding of the information under discussion
  • Information is “chunked” for short term memory absorption
  • Information is structured for medium and long term memory retention
  • Key insurance concepts are “visualized and verbalized"
  • Key questions are asked and answered automatically.
  • Important insurance processes are visualized and explained.
  • The result? You help the buyer make truly intelligent decisions about the purchase of their insurance.

Benefits to You

  • Signed BOR letters in the first meeting without showing a quote or proposal.
  • INSTANT AGENCY DIFFERENTIATION that every agency and broker-agent seeks but seldom achieves.


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