Insurance proposals & presentations and insurance sales

Traditional insurance selling does not work with just insurance proposals.

The OldMind way - Selling insurance has not changed in 30 years or more. Producers still go into meetings with new prospects (and clients) with most of the following false assumptions:

  • Understanding: My prospect/client understands everything I am telling them (and will act appropriately).
  • Brilliance: My prospect/client will appreciate my intelligence and years of experience and will act accordingly (buy from me and renew from me).
  • Old selling tools: Most of today's producers use their quote/proposal as their primary selling tool (coverage, costs and limits). The information architecture has not changed much in 30 years. Just a few colors and pictures added.
  • No differentiation: Because today's producers use the same tools as their competitors (agency management system produced quotes/proposals or packaged proposal systems) the insurance buyer sees no difference between agencies.
  • You are predictable: Old dialogs, “me-too” sales tools, focus on numbers and verbalizing the meaning of coverage. In other words you are predictable. The insurance buyer has heard this sales dialog numerous times, especialy from their existing agent or broker.
  • Sell me: Producers think insurance buyers want to be sold. Wrong. Today's insurance buyers goal is to buy insurance, NOT to be sold insurance.

The paradox of selling insurance.

Business Insurance Planning

Sales training organizations worldwide have told us that of all the sales forces they train (pharmaceutical, manufacturing,services,auto dealers, financial services, etc.) insurance sales people are the best sales people in the world. Why? They have the most difficult product to sell. Something you can’t hold, touch, smell or experience. You can’t say "lets take a test drive,” "doesn’t your coverage feel great," "don’t you love that risk management smell?" So why do the best salespeople in the world have the worst sales tools and training? There is a better way.

OldMind Thinking

Traditional insurance proposals and insurance presentations (if you actually have one) DO NOT visualize the insurance dialog. The insurance buyer is given pages of text and numbers (traditionalinsurance proposals) with no understanding of key insurance concepts, processes and models. The buyer is left desperately trying to understand what you are saying and why you are saying it. We call this OldMind Thinking. Again, there is a better way.

NuMind Thinking

NuMind Network has developed a radically different and devastatingly effective insurance sales model that creates INSTANT CLIENT UNDERSTANDING, INSTANT AGENCY DIFFERENTIATION and IMMEDIATE REVENUE. Today's Insurance buyers are now demanding that you "show them" how insurance will work for them. This new (subconscious) demand for "visualization of sales messages" (your insurance presentations & insurance proposals) requires a radical new approach to the design of your insurance sales tools and dialogs. NuMind Network has built this new insurance sales and presentation system. Wenow live in the "iPad age" where the new mantra is "show me don't tell me, help me understand”.

Let us show you why NuMind Network members consistently build their book of business by “taking away” their competitors best accounts every day.


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