Selling insurance has changed

Selling insurance has changed.

Selling insurance used to be (and still is with senior producers) a relationship driven business but times have changed. The model on the right visualizes how insurance selling has changed over time. If you do not pay attention to this new selling environment you will lose sales and never know why.

The Past

High Touch - Low Tech

Insurance salespersons in the past had to be experts in their products, the sales process AND human nature. They had few sales tools, no technology but relied on their ability “make a friend.”

The Present

Low Touch-High Tech

Insurance sales is quickly shifting to using the internet and telephone, while minimizing in-person dialogs. Many insurance buyers never meet their salesperson.

The Future-Now

High Touch - High Tech

To survive in this new sales environment, you have to combine the sales and people skills of the past with a new understanding of technology AND the ability to “visualize” your messages. Today’s insurance buyer’s need to “see what your are saying.” Your sales dialogs and sales tools need to reflect the needs of this new marketplace.


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