The 4 problems of selling insurance

Selling insurance has never been easy or fun (it can be). NuMind Agency has developed a new and radically different Insurance Selling system that makes selling insurance fun, meaningful and incredibly effective. This new NuMind Cognitive Insurance Sales System is based on how the insurance buyer actually buyers insurance (what they are doing in their unconscious mind).

How to take away insurance clients from your competition.

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The model on the right shows the results of years of market research into the insurance agency marketplace. The following are the four marketing problems we believe you must solve in order to grow your agency.

They are:


The vast majority of insurance buyers (both business and consumer) believe most if not all insurance agencies are exactly the same. Why? They perceive that you sell the same products from the same insurance companies (carriers), deliver the same services (as your competition), use the same sales tools (your proposals all look the same) and use the same confusing language (boiler machine, limits, risk management, etc.) . No wonder they are confused. If all insurance sellers are the same, why risk changing relationships?


Major studies in consumer psychology have shown that human beings are very resistant to change. Or put it another way “old habits are hard to break.” This “fear of the unknown” or “fear of the unpredictable” is a deeply entrenched into the sub-conscious mind. This is also based on our “script libraries” (we discuss this in our Cognitive Sales Training) that we use for 90% of our daily activities. Human beings like to know what is coming next, especially in their relationships. Our experience has shown us the only way you can break your competitors relationship with their clients is to “radically change the clients level of expectation in real-time.” With the right tools this can easily be done.


Today’s insurance buyers primarily focus on the price they pay for their insurance. Why? They assume all of the other variables are the same. This is the fault of the structure (architecture) of the insurance proposals (or quotes) they have received in the past. When presented with large amounts of data (tables of text and numbers) and wording they do not understand (broad form, umbrella, ocean cargo, surety, etc.) their eyes glaze over. This is why the typical insurance buyer will ignore 90% of your proposal and go to the bottom-line.


Creating instant understanding (that the insurance buyer never had) is the key to breaking your competitors relationships with their long-term clients. It would be the same as walking in the door with the first iPad. This is what we do, and very soon what you will do.

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