The NuMind Agency team

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The founders and partners of the NuMind Agency Network have very diverse skills and backgrounds.

We were one of the first teams in the US to specialize in business process mapping and modeling.

We created the first Insurance Sales System based on HOWthe insurance buyers mind’sactually work. The system includes NuMind sales tools (templates, maps and models) and NuMind sales training, the only saletraining system that creates instant buyer understanding, appreciation and value for the insurance being recommended to them. It is effective,powerful and easy to apply. Your insurance sales dialogs will never be the same again.

The NuMind Agency team has grown to a elite group of individuals with the following specialties:

  • NuMind Information Architecting™ - The methodology we use radically restructure information to make it instantly understandable, meaningful and memorable.
  • NuMind Knowledge Engineering™ - The methodology that can be used to extract the thinking process from expert performers. The result is NuMind thinking maps. The exact thinking a expert uses for decision for decision making and problem solvingspecific tasks. This means that by using these expert thinking maps you can bypass years of experientiallearning.
  • NuMind Mapping™ - The methodology we use to model and map concepts, processes and tasks
  • Software Engineering - Our programing team uses state of the art tools with focus on the cloud and mobile applications.

NuMind has skill sets that are unique and one-of-a-kind. This is why our insurance sales tools are so effective and why NuMind Network members do not talk about NuMind. Asmultiple NuMind members have told us…”We do not discuss Numind withanyone”, “NuMind is our key competitive advantage” and “I don’t want any other agency around me having NuMind”….


Ask for the free report on the next page.FREE REPORT“How to get a BOR on your first meeting with a prospect”. The report tells you about some the methods NuMind Agency members use to break long lasting client broker/agent relationships. Vital Information few of your producer/agency competitors know about.


Ask us about our new NuMind Coverage Recomended module. A radical rethink of HOW insurance proposals are constructed and used. Your prospects andclients will truly UNDERSTAND, APPRECIATE and VALUE their insurance for the first time. All in realtime. This is huge. A true mental ambush.


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