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A personal note:A strange thing. NuMind DOES NOT get any direct referrals from its agencies. If they do refer us, it’s usually to friends and close business associates operating outside their target geographical location. Why? Our Cognitive Insurance Presentation and Proposal system is unlike anything they’ve ever seen. It gives an instant COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and increases sales. In other words, the system becomes a money machine. They don’t talk about us so the competition is not alerted. In short getting these testimonials was like pulling teeth.

What Agency Owners Say


"Theboard went bonkers', said the bank president to me about my proposal to the board! In facttwo board members called me to visit them about their insurance."

"I am writing so much NEW business because of NuMind, I am swamped...They won't let me out of the room...Where I used to allow a 1/2 hour for an appointment, now I need an 1 1/2 hours...It's INCREDIBLE, it's PHENOMENAL, it's WORKING and it's fun."

“A great track to run on. I just put the proposal down in front of my client and kept quiet. He skimmed most pages. Studied a few, asked about 5 or 6 questions, and made a decision right then. Each year for the past 4 he said he’d call me in a few days to let me know if he would renew with me. I found out later I was about 12% higher this time. He didn’t even ask me to see if I could get a lower price. He said he valued our relationship and really understood his insurance for the first time."

“NuMind has given our producers the sales tools they need to keep our existing relationships, and take away clients from other agencies. Our clients UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE our expert knowledge for the first time. Now I can SHOW the client using NuMind’s Maps what I have been trying to explain for many years — how insurance works.” 

“If used correctly, NuMind’s Cognitive Sales Tools will make you a lot of money."

What Producers Say


“Thezoo roared with delight and approval,” said the Director to me three days later."

“Prospects I present to comment on the quality of my proposal. They perceive me to be professional because of the proposal. They say it makes insurance simple and readable for a change. They can finally understand their insurance."

"I just presented to two accounts, one a small printer manufacturer who just went bonkers over the proposal, and the other a College of Optometry who said using the proposal must give me a unique setup, a real competitive advantage because the information is so easy to locate and read. The optometry buyer just focused on the proposal. He said he was getting information he wasn’t privy to before, and he understood it. I’m the guy who knows what he’s doing is how I feel about using this type of proposal.”


“NuMind defies description,said the manufacturer as he asked about his 100th questions, or so it seemed."

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