Make Your Insurance Proposals 3 Times More Effective.

insurance proposal templates
  • Make your insurance proposals and quotes stand out  by using NuMind  insurance proposal templates that sell for you.
  • SHOW your prospects and clients  HOW their insurance actually works by using NuMind insurance maps.
  • Get fast decisions about your insurance proposal or quote by visualizing your sales dialogs with prospects and clients.

 Are you frustrated with your insurance proposals not closing more sales for you?

Agency owners tell us every day they are not happy with their commercial insurance proposals. They tell us that although their insurance proposals are their primary selling tool, they is not as effective as they should be. They say their prospects and clients are focusing only on the cost of the coverage, NOT the VALUE of the coverage being recommended.

These agency owners tell us they are tired of their staff and producers spending a lots of time and effort putting the their commercial insurance proposals together then after meeting with and presenting the recommended insurance coverage, the prospect says to them either "let me think about it" or "I will get back to you". specializes in helping insurance agencies instantly differentiate themselves by radically restructuring the sales and service dialogs agency producers and CSR'S have with their clients and prospects. These new sales and services dialogs use NuMind Coverage Recommended and Coverage Explained templates and NuMind Insurance Maps to make their commercial insurance proposals dramatically more effective as selling and educational tools. Both producers and CSR'S are now selling the value of the insurance coverage being recommended and not being forced to sell on price only.

NuMind insurance proposal templates solve the following problems for you:

Your proposal does NOT sell for you

Your insurance proposal does do what it is supposed to do. Sell the coverage you are recommending.

Your prospect only sees the cost of coverage

Your insurance proposal does not SHOW the VALUE of the coverage you are recommending.

Speed up buyer decision making

Dramatically speed up your prospects and client decision making about their coverage.

NuMind puts your commercial insurance proposals on steroids by shifting the insurance buyers focus to the value of the coverage you are recommending and why.

“NuMind has given our producers the sales tools they need to keep our existing relationships and take away clients from other agencies. Our clients UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE our expert knowledge for the first time. Now I can SHOW the client NuMind’s insurance Maps what I have been trying to explain for many years — how insurance works.”

John D.

NuMind Member

"Presented to a Brown & Brown client. They said they have never seen anything like NuMind. Big wows with the maps and models. I got BOR letters signed on six carriers. Prospect said he had never understood how insurance worked before.”

Monique K.

NuMind Member

8 Seconds

This is the most important number you need to remember when selling insurance today. Ignore this at your peril.

See our full range of Insurance Proposal Template libraries here. Including Commercial, Personal Lines & Workers' Comp.

See NuMind Insurance Map libraries for Commercial Lines, Personal Lines & Workers Comp here.

Your insurance Dialogs are the key to your success in today's marketplace. Find out why here.

" I am writing so much NEW business because of NuMind, and I am swamped...They won’t let me out of the room. Where I used to allow a 1/2 hour for an appointment, now I need 1 1/2 hours. It’s INCREDIBLE, it’s PHENOMENAL, it’s WORKING, and it’s fun.”

Mark H.

NuMind Member

Your job is to recommend the insurance coverage that your prospect and client needs. NuMind Coverage Recommended templates do this for you automatically.

Today’s insurance buyers have been conditioned by large insurance carriers to ask for and focus only on the QUOTE. In other words, focus on the cost (price) only. This approach ignores large bodies of cognitive (brain/mind) research that documents HOW consumers actually buy products and services.

Cost is a significant factor but not the essential factor. Engaging the insurance buyers emotions is the key to getting the prospect/client to purchase from you. Another critical problem ignored by most insurance sales and service people is the attention span of their buyer. The 8 Second number page is a MUST READ.

Seeing NuMind is a massive mental ambush!