Turbocharge your insurance proposal templates into selling machines with Numind's Templates & Insurance Maps.

Insurance proposal templates

NuMind specializes in transforming difficult to understand information into a form that is instantly understandable.

“You only understand information relative to what you already understand. You only understand the size of building if there is a car or person in front of it. You only understand facts and figures when they can be related to tangible, comprehensible elements.”

- Information Anxiety - Richard Saul Wurman -

Our Insurance Proposal Templates Story

Over twenty years ago we were asked by one of our financial services industry clients (they sold 401K's)  to help them with an immediate problem. They had to present their financial recommendations to four prospect companies. They had no company presentation and no company proposal. All they had was the financial information provided by the 401K companies they were about to recommend.

They asked NuMind for help.

We went to work. We applied our NuMind Information Architecture process to identify the key 401K concepts and processes 401K buyers need to understand to purchase their 401K from our NuMind client. We created models of the history of 401K's and mapped key 401K processes. We embedded these models and maps into their new company presentation and 401K proposal. We created the first Money Maps. A unique visualization of 40K money management over time. These new maps showed 401K account holders a unique visualization of their financial journey. 

A radically restructured insurance proposal.

Our NuMind client presented their new NuMind presentation and proposal to the four prospect companies and got four sales. Three of the four companies asked our client "who did this presentation and proposal?". One of the four companies turned out to be a mid-sized insurance agency in Southern California. They called us and asked to meet NuMind as soon as possible. We met with them and started a 90-day on-site project, mapping and modeling key insurance processes. At the end of the process we delivered the first NuMind designed Insurance agency presentation and proposal and trained the staff and producers how to use their new sales and service tools. 

The word got out.

A short time later a very well known insurance industry consultant saw this agency's new NuMind insurance tools. That consultant contacted us to see NuMind. After he saw the NuMind insurance proposal templates he asked us to show NuMind to a select group of agency owners (10) to see what NuMind had created. After signing NDA's (and seeing NuMind) all ten agency owners asked to purchase a NuMind membership. They asked us to customize the NuMind insurance proposal templates and NuMind insurance map libraries for them as quickly as possible so their agencies could start using NuMind. Since then we have had hundreds of agencies become NuMind Agency members.

The four questions we are always asked by agencies who see NuMind for the first time.

Whenever an agency sees NuMinds Coverage Recommended templates and NuMind Insurance Maps they always ask the same four questions;

  1. How much is NuMind?
  2. How fast can we deliver NuMind to them?
  3. Who else is using NuMind?
  4. How can they prevent their competitors from getting access to NuMind?

Insurance agencies who see NuMind for the first time always tell us that they regret that they did not find NuMind sooner. If they had, they would have replaced their insurance proposal templates and grown their agency faster and made more sales. 

“The board went bonkers, said the bank president to me about my presentation and coverage recommendations. Two board members called me to visit them about their insurance."


Paul S.

NuMind Member

The NuMind mapping team was the first to create and introduce visualized insurance proposal templates AND map key insurance processes in the insurance industry. The mapping team has had (and still does) numerous on-site mapping sessions with agencies throughout the US mapping agency products, services, and insurance processes.

Note: NuMind is now testing new coverage maps that show the "architecture" of specific types of coverage ie, such as homeowners insurance. The new maps visualize the architecture of coverage in a typical policy — a "how it works" map. No numbers needed. Very new and very breakthrough.

Our Unique Skill Stacks

For over twenty years we have spent thousands of hours of learning and using a very unique combination of skills that we use to radically restructure any form of information based on how the human mind/brain actually learns, thinks and and acts. We daily apply this unique knowledge, combination of skills and deep experience to help NuMind Agency members gain instant competitive advantage, increase their sales and transform the dialogs their producers and CSR'S have with prospects and clients. 

Industrial Design

Skill StackIndustrial Design

Includes experience in product, package and graphic design. This includes understanding color theory, functional graphic design, product design and digital marketing principles.  

Focus - Our team members specialized in redesigning products and services that did not meet sales expectations. This skill stack taught our team about the power of good product design AND package design that focuses on function, not features. We followed the same design philosophy that Jony Ives followed designing Apple products.

Benefits to you. Our insurance templates and maps are visually stunning AND cognitively effective for the purpose they were designed for. To help you sell more insurance.

Knowledge Mapping

Skill StackKnowledge Mapping

A combination of unique mapping methods we have developed to map and model key concepts and processes. We were one of the first practitioners of Mind Mapping using our own methodology. 

Focus - Our team members have learned to map and model any form of information. The first maps we build are always for our own understanding of the information under discussion. Our mapping toolkit allows us to rapidly map and model almost any kind of information.

More background. We have worked with some remarkably talented individuals including one of the world's leading Cognitive Psychologists who pioneered mapping the unconscious mind to create thinking maps. We also spent over two years working with the former head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Artificial Intelligence team. 

Information Architecture

Skill StackInformation Architecture

Designing information to follow how the brain/mind works. This includes knowing how to chunk information and creating models and maps to visualize key processes, concepts and problems/solutions.

Focus - Our team members learned the science and art of information architecture that embeds key brain/mind principles into any form of information. The process we follow focuses on transforming key concepts into models and structuring textual information for "skip and scan", trapping the readers eye using iconic links and embedding information into long-term memory (the limbic brain).

Benefits to you. Using NuMind insurance templates and insurance maps create instant prospect and client understanding of the insurance under discussion.  

Digital Marketing

Skill StackDigital Marketing

A combination of skills including; Data Analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), KeyWord Analysis, Website, Sales Page, Sales Funnel, Email Marketing & Auto Responder design, Programing (CSS, PHP, WordPress), Social Media Platforms and content writing. All skills are continuously upgraded. 

Focus - The team has been constructing websites, direct mail and direct marketing campaigns for many years. A few years ago NuMind members asked us to focus on constructing agency lead generation systems that target multiple agency client markets. We have built systems that focus on generating high quality leads using landing pages, sales funnels and direct marketing (postcards when appropriate). The goal is a constant flow of high quality leads to agency producers that then can have new sales dialogs either in-person or using screen share technology.

Benefits to you. Your agency website shows who you are. A NuMind agency lead generation system is the missing piece of your Digital Marketing strategy. Bottom line? If you can get the dialog, you get the sale.  

“Prospects we present to comment on the quality of our NuMind insurance proposal templates. They perceive our team to be the professionals because of our presentations and proposals. They say it makes it simple and readable for a change (they love our insurance maps). They can finally understand their insurance."


Barry S. & Team

NuMind Members

Do using NuMind Insurance Proposal Templates Work?

The simple answer is YES. Insurance agencies contact us daily asking for help with their insurance proposals or looking for insurance proposal templates. The reasons these agencies reach out to NuMind include being notified by long-term clients that they are shopping their insurance, not getting closing the sale after spending a lot of time putting together a insurance quote and insurance proposal or the prospect tells them they are only interested in the lowest price possible for their insurance coverage.

These agencies also share their frustrations with us about their prospects not appreciating their expert knowledge and experience. We tell them whose fault is that if they used conventional insurance proposals or carrier quotes?

Their conventional insurance proposal templates were not going to work this time with their largest client.

insurance proposal templates

NuMind was contacted by an independent insurance agency that specializes in the hotel (hospitality) market. They called us and asked to see NuMind as quickly as possible because their largest hotel client was up for renewal, and their client had told them that they had contacted eight other brokers to bid for their business. One of these competing brokers was marketing a "hospitality risk management system" on their website. This agency was very nervous and desperate to hold on tho this client.

Their insurance proposal templates were not good enough.

The following is a typical example of insurance agencies who contact NuMind:

  1. We held a screen share meeting to show them NuMind. 
  2. They asked the four questions every agency who sees NuMind for the first time; how much is NuMind, how fast can NuMind be delivered, who else has NuMind and how could they prevent other brokers (especially the eight brokers) from getting access to NuMind's insurance sales and service tools. 
  3. The agency told us they had a hard two-week deadline for their renewal meeting with their client and asked us if could deliver the NuMind agency presentation module, NuMind coverage recommendations template modules and their NuMind insurance maps module (twelve 11" X 17" laminated maps) and their new customized agency services map (also a 11" X 17" laminated map). 
  4. We said it would not be easy, but we could make the deadline.

A new insurance proposal and insurance presentation was presented to the client.

What happened next was a classic NuMind cognitive ambush. The client was expecting the agency to conduct the renewal meeting just like the agency had conducted in the past. 

This is what happened...

What the client expected:

  • JUST ANOTHER PROPOSAL - The agency presents the old classic text and numbers driven insurance proposal and insurance quote only.
  • ALL THE HARD WORK THE AGENCY DID - The client expected what every agency tells them in the insurance proposal meeting. 
  • DETAILS & DETAILS - The agency dives into the details of the cost of coverage (price, deductibles, limits and recommended coverages).
  • DEFEND PROPOSAL - The agency defends their insurance proposal and quote.
  • DEFEND THE RELATIONSHIP - The agency will try to defend and try to save the clients relationship with them.
  • EXPLAIN WHY THE OTHER BROKERS WERE NOT GOOD FOR THE CLIENT. The client was expecting the agency to try and explain why they had more experience and knowledge.
  • ANOTHER ME-TOO INSURANCE BROKER MEETING. The client was expecting another "me-too" broker meeting. Same dialogs, same tools and same promises.

What actually happened:

  • THE FIRST MENTAL AMBUSH - The agency presented their new NuMind agency presentation. Most agencies skip this.
  • THE BIG MENTAL AMBUSH - The agency showed their NuMind agency services map. Huge cognitive surprise here. Client said they had no idea agency provided all of these services.
  • THE CLIENT LEARNS ABOUT INSURANCE - The agency showed the following maps; Coverage Recommendations Process, Claims Process, Risk Management Process and Renewal Process. Client said NO BROKER had ever shown them HOW insurance actually worked before.
  • CLIENT UNDERSTANDS COVERAGE - The agency showed the Coverage Recommended templates which visualized their coverage. Big client reaction here. 
  • CLIENT UNDERSTANDS VALUE & COSTS - The agency showed the insurance proposal details AFTER they understood their coverage.  
  • BROKER ASKS FOR 10 YEAR BOR - The agency asks client to sign 10 year BOR. The client signed the Broker of Record letter.

The Client did the following:

The hospitality (hotel) client was blown away. They said they had never truly understood HOW their insurance actually worked. This included the coverages recommended (NuMind templates). They raved about the NuMind insurance maps. They understood key insurance processes and how they actually worked for the first time. Here is what they did.

  1. Renewed their coverage. 
  2. Accepted the coverage recommended and the costs of coverage.
  3. Extended the meeting time allotted to for their team and staff to study the NuMind Insurance maps.
  4. Signed a 10 year Broker of Record. 

The Agency did the following:

The NuMind member agency signed a 10 year Broker of Record with their client.

The agency expanded their relationship with the client with new agency services and client education. The client wanted their employees to review and study the agency insurance process maps so that they understood HOW insurance and Risk Management actually worked. The NuMind member asked NuMind for the following.

  1. Asked us to not sell NuMind to the eight brokers they competed with. 
  2. Expanded their relationship with NuMind.

Seeing NuMind is a massive mental ambush!