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The NuMind Agency team is virtual and mobile

When NuMind first started we had all our team members living and working on the West Coast of the United States. 

We had large offices located next to Los Angeles International airport. This allowed us to have NuMind clients fly into a meeting with us and stay at a hotel nearby. This worked very well for a long time.

Life intervened.

Several of the NuMind team had to relocate to other parts of the country to take care of family members. This forced us adopt leading edge technologies that includes the following:

  • Apple MacBook Pros that allows us to run two operating systems (Apple & Windows).
  • Apple iPad Pros.
  • Apple iPhones
  • High speed internet connections.
  • Virtual meeting and screen share technologies for supporting NuMind members and showing NuMind Coverage Recommended templates and NuMind Insurance maps to future NuMind members. We use these technologies to discuss the on-going and custom work (we do a lot) we do for NuMind members. 
  • Cloud based team management systems to coordinate work with NuMind team members and NuMind members for file sharing, task management and programing work.
  • A full array of programing, design and web technologies (SEO, web design & digital marketing tools). 
  • On-site mapping and modeling meetings we do for NuMind members.

We are virtual and mobile.

The NuMind team team is now spread across the United States living where they want to and working with NuMind members using screen share technology, high speed internet and quite frequently traveling to meet with NuMind clients for on-site meetings and mapping sessions.  

We are very picky about our team.

The NuMind team is a combination of information designers, knowledge engineers, programmers, and digital marketers. We are very selective about who can become a NuMind team member.

The most important traits we look for are lifelong learners who have hungry minds combined with an insatiable curiosity. Or to put it another way as several of the NuMind member agency owners have told us they now think the world is a combination of NuMinds and OldMinds (people who are conscious in an and unconscious world).

This idea represents a profound truth about how the mind works with subconscious mental scripts (90% of decisions are made this way). The reality is that most people are not fully aware of their thoughts and actions. More about this in our new NuMind University.

"I used my NuMind agency presentation and three maps. My agency services map, how insurance claims work, and broker of record process map. The prospect said they had never seen anything like what I was showing him. Presented the prospect, the Broker of Record letter for signature. They signed it. A manufacturer with two plant locations”.

insurance proposal templates

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Ideas that aren't attached to images are forgotten. Only one side of learning is made up of facts; the other consists of stories, i.e. ideas and images.

Let your commercial insurance proposals sell for you when you use NuMind's visually powerful coverage recommended templates and insurance maps. 

NuMind Coverage Recommended template libraries (Commercial, Personal Lines and Workers' Comp) have to be seen to be believed. They are designed to give your prospects and clients instant understanding of the coverage you are recommending and why. They are designed to be shown on a tablet, used in a screen share meeting and in print.

Your conventional insurance proposals and insurance quotes are NOT designed to sell the prospect or client. Your NuMind Coverage Recommended templates do this for you. The insurance proposal or insurance proposal show the details of the coverage (limits, deductibles and costs) after they have already sold themselves. 

Seeing NuMind is a massive mental ambush!