Triple the effectiveness of your insurance proposal templates using Coverage Recommended templates

Commercial Insurance Proposal Templates

Let your insurance NuMind Coverage Recommended templates sell for you BEFORE you show your commercial insurance proposal templates.

“The key to making sense of facts and figures is to reduce them into bite-size chunks, which the reader can pick and choose.”

- Nigel Holmes / On Information Design -

You have to start with the architecture of your commercial insurance proposal templates first.

For over twenty years (and more) insurance agencies have been selling insurance using either the insurance quote provided by the insurance company (the carrier) or commercial insurance proposal templates generated by their agency management system software. 

The problem is that the structure of the information contained in the insurance quotes/commercial insurance proposal templates had the following features:

  • Text dominated pages. Almost all insurance proposals and insurance quotes contain mostly text that describes coverage. 
  • Tables that contain numbers. These contain information about coverage limits, deductibles and costs.
  • Small amounts of graphic design. This includes agency logo, page breaks and table headers with color lines.

The problem is the current commercial insurance proposal template architecture is NOT compliant with how the insurance buyers mind works. Here is what you have to remember:

  1. Left side of the brain. Conventional insurance proposals and quotes use large amounts of text force the insurance buyers into the left side of the brain/mind  where logic, sequence and verbal dialog dominate. This is a huge cognitive mistake because the actual buying decision is made in the right side of the brain AFTER the buyers emotions have been engaged. You need to focus on the numbers last NOT first. 
  2. Put the puzzle together first. Remember, the brain/mind processes an image 64,000 times faster than text. Use the power of the right side of the brain/mind to work for you instead of against you. The key to understanding any information is to understand how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to make the understanding picture. Almost all conventional insurance proposals and quotes ignore this basic cognitive truth. 
  3. The law of 1 - 2 - 3. Insurance buyers follow a unconscious buying process that follows how information is presented to them. They first follow the logic of your argument or presentation (left side of the brain/mind), then they try to build a picture of what is under discussion (putting the puzzle together in the right side of the brain/mind), then only after they understand what is being discussed do they shift back into the left side of the brain/mind to confirm the logic (does it add up?) of what they understand . This is where final buying decision is made. Your goal is make the buying decision simple and predictable and have the prospect/client sell themselves. No pressure, no need to overcome objections. Your NuMind insurance maps and Coverage Recommended templates do this for you.   

Don't show the cost of insurance coverage first using your commercial insurance proposal templates.  

Think of your insurance sales dialog as a three act play.

  1. ACT ONE. Instantly differentiate your agency with your NuMind agency presentation (short and to the point) and show the buyer your NuMind agency services map (they have never see this before) and possibly two or three additional NuMind insurance maps (we have over 12+available) such as your coverage recommended process, how the insurance claims process works (commercial or personal) and how the broker of record process works. All NuMind insurance maps are huge mental ambushes.
  2. ACT TWO. Show the coverage being recommended (using your stylus (or pen) to underline and highlight key points of coverage). This is where the coverage recommended templates sell and explain to the insurance buyer what they are buying and why. 
  3. ACT THREE. Show the details of the coverage being recommended such as limits, deductibles and price/cost (your proposal/quote). Act three is the buying decision or close. If done correctly the buyer will decide on the VALUE of the coverage. Cost is obviously a big factor but now not the only factor.  

The brain/mind architecture that make NuMind Coverage Recommended templates so effective.

Coverage Recommended templates right brained

All of the NuMind Coverage Recommended templates are handcrafted to follow right-brain design principles for instant coverage understanding.

Your benefit: Your prospect or client has a dialog about insurance they have never had before. They are no longer focused on "price/cost" only. The buyers understanding the "value" of the coverage recommended is the goal.

Screen Share - device - and print ready

Your Coverage Recommended template libraries are optimized for screen sharing AND tablets. All files are high resolution PDFs and ready for print.

Your benefit: You now have available very powerful and extremely versatile sales and educational tools that can be used in any sales and service situation. The Coverage Recommended templates are are visual and very memorable.

Templates explain themselves

Your producers and CSR'S now have a track to follow when explaining the coverage being recommended. They don't have to worry about their memory.

Your benefit: Veteran producers and CSR'S tell us they don't have to explain the value of the coverage, just "show" the coverage. New producers don't have to wait years to feel confident about what they know and they will learn as they use. 

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text and it's more accustomed to processing images

The NuMind Coverage Recommended templates create dialogs you have never had before.

We have spent thousands of man hours architecting our NuMind Coverage Recommended and Coverage Explained template libraries. Each of the Coverage Recommended templates have the following features:

Your picture & logo

Each template has your picture (black & white for a reason). Your logo and website address is added. All templates are made for on-screen, tablet and print presentation.

Coverage Summary Model

Model that summarizes the coverage. Designed to go into the buyers long term memory permanently. In one glance the buyer SEES what the coverage does for them.

Coverage Checklist

A coverage checklist that details what the insurance covers. A great track for the producers/CSR's to follow. The templates include a "important to remember" section. 

"Presented to a Brown & Brown client. They said they have never seen anything like NuMind. Big wows with the maps and models. I got BOR letters signed on six carriers. Prospect said he had never understood how insurance worked before"

Michelle H.

NuMind Member

What NuMind Coverage Recommended Template libraries are available.

All Coverage Recommended templates are high resolution 8 1/2" X 11" one page format designed for on-screen, tablet and print presentation. All templates are handcrafted and customized for you. 

Commercial Insurance Proposal Templates - Coverage Recommended

  • General Liability (CGL)
  • Hired Non-Owned Auto
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPL)
  • Errors & Omissions (E&O)
  • Directors & Officers (E&O)
  • Business Umbrella
  • Business Property
  • Business Income
  • Boiler Machinery
  • Electronic Data Processing (EDP)
  • Business Crime
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Comp Overview
  • Ocean Marine
  • Inland Marine
  • Garage
  • Garage Keepers
  • Cyber Liability
  • Liquor Liability (in beta)

Workers' Compensation Coverage Explained Templates

  • Overview of Workers Comp explained
  • Overview of Liability Coverage explained
  • Overview of Medical Benefits explained
  • Overview of Rehabilitation Benefits explained
  • Overview of Disability Benefits explained
  • Overview of Death Benefits explained
  • Overview of Return to Work program explained
  • Overview of Experience Modification explained
  • Overview of Important Tasks explained

Personal Lines Coverage Recommended Templates

  • Homeowners Insurance explained
  • Personal Auto Insurance explained
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance explained
  • Term Life Insurance explained
  • Whole Life Insurance explained
  • Renters Insurance explained
  • Condo Insurance explained
  • Motorcycle Insurance explained

“We closed a $12,000 commission Workers Comp deal on the spot...the buyer said she needed four additional copies of the proposal and NuMind Workers Comp maps to train her managers on her new Workers Comp program.”

Roger M. and team

NuMind Member

The Difference Using NuMind Insurance Tools

NuMind insurance proposal templates and maps are a real mental ambush for the insurance buyer when used with your insurance proposal templates.

Pros - Using NuMind Templates

  • Buyers focus is on VALUE of insurance.
  • Coverage Recommended templates explain themselves.
  • NuMind insurance templates designed for HOW the insurance buyer's mind works.
  • NuMind insurance tools create instant understanding of insurance discussed.
  • NuMind insurance maps visualize key insurance processes.

Cons - Using Standard proposals

  • Buyers focus on COST of insurance.
  • Producers/CSR'S have to explain HOW the coverage works.
  • Insurance quotes and proposals are text and number driven using left brain architecture.
  • Insurance quotes and proposals focus on limits, deductibles and costs only.
  • Conventional insurance proposals DO NOT visualize key insurance processes.


NuMind insurance coverage recommended, coverage explained templates and NuMind insurance maps are the missing half of insurance sales and service dialogs. NuMind insurance tools shift the buyers focus from COST of coverage to the VALUE and cost of coverage. Insurance sellers and insurance buyers experience dialogs they have  not had before. Understandable, memorable and enlightening.   

Key Points to Remember

  • The architecture and content the Coverage Recommended templates are powerful mental ambush.
  • High - Tech and High Touch is the new sales & support environment all agencies live in now.
  • Eight Seconds is the new consumer attention span. You need to get to the point quickly.  
  • How you integrate High -Tech & High Touch will determine your agency's success in the new marketplace. 
  • Virtual meetings using screen share technology will have a dramatic effect on your agency sales.

Seeing NuMind is a massive mental ambush!