Instantly differentiate yourself and your agency by using NuMind insurance Maps to show what you do.

Showing HOW insurance works with NuMind insurance maps dramatically changes your insurance commercial insurance proposal templates.

“You cannot perceive anything without a map. A map provides people the means to share in the perception of others. It is a pattern made understandable; it is a rigorous, accountable form that follows implicit principles, rules, and measures...Throughout history, maps have always been equated with power, whether they depicted hunting grounds, trade routes, military sites, or buried treasure.”

- Information Anxiety - Richard Saul Wurman -

We always tell new NuMind members the following; "The mind maps everything moment by moment. It's how humans navigate the world that we all live in.

When NuMind first started working with insurance agencies years ago, we quickly realized that HOW insurance is sold and communicated has not changed for over twenty to thirty years. Amazing. The best salespeople in any industry (anyone who sells insurance or healthcare) are using sales tools (existing insurance proposals and insurance proposal templates) that work against the ability of the insurance buyer to understand what they are buying.

Why is this? Why do agency owners arm their producers and CSR'S with sales and educational tools that do not do what they are supposed to do? We all know that insurance is a conceptual sale where the buyer cannot hold, touch, taste, or smell what they are buying, but there is a way to take advantage of how the buyer's mind works. You need to shift the buyer into the part of the brain/mind where their buying decisions are made (the right side of their brain). Using NuMind Insurance maps is a crucial part of this process.

What we have learned building and delivering maps for insurance agencies and other businesses.

Years of research and experience constructing multiple kinds of maps (mind, process, problem, system, solution, risk, coverage etc.) has taught us that there are FOUR profound truths about using any kind of map.

  1. The Automatic Assumption of Truth. Thousands of years of cultural conditioning starting in the Egyptian and Roman times, has created in the minds of map users the automatic assumption of truth about the map being viewed. This started with using maps for navigation (sometimes your life could depend on the truth of the map being used). There is an automatic unconscious assumption of the truth of the map until proven otherwise. This assumption of truth carries over for any form of map. For marketing and sales purposes this is a profoundly powerful concept. 
  2. Neutral Mental Space. Whenever a map is viewed (navigation as a simple example) the map traps and guides the eyes and mind of the viewers/users. Using the map automatically engages the two most powerful features of the human brain and mind. One; pattern recognition and the second, association. Both brain/mind functions engage automatically and instantly. This is why NuMind insurance maps are so powerful.
  3. Roles Change. Showing NuMind Insurance maps (your agency services, claims process, risk management, renewal process  purchasing process, etc.,) instantly forces the map viewers and users to switch roles. The insurance buyer becomes a student, the insurance seller becomes the teacher. This role switching is unconscious and instantaneous. Insurance producers have been trying to achieve this perception of trusted advisor with limited success. Using NuMind Insurance maps will do this for you effortlessly and painlessly. 
  4. Massive Pattern Interruption. A Pattern interrupt is a technique to change a particular thought, behavior, or situation. Behavioral psychologists and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioners use this technique to interrupt and change thought patterns and behaviors. When you show an insurance buyer a NuMind Insurance map they have never seen before, it is a genuine mental ambush. NuMind Insurance maps combined with NuMind Coverage Recommended and Coverage Explained templates instantly change the perception of you as a typical insurance salesperson. Most insurance buyers are expecting a sales or service dialog they have had with their existing broker/producer/CSR numerous times. NuMind's information architects and knowledge engineers have embedded these techniques into each NuMind Coverage Recommended Templates and NuMind Insurance maps. Very visual, very powerful and effective insurance sales and service educational tools.

It only takes us 150 milliseconds for a symbol to be processed and 100 milliseconds to attach a meaning to it.

Why using maps are so effective when selling and explaining insurance to prospects and clients.

NuMind Insurance Maps are right brained

All of the NuMind Insurance maps are handcrafted to visualize HOW important insurance processes actually work to create instant client/prospect understanding.

Your benefit: Your prospect or client will see HOW insurance actually works for the first time. They are no longer focused on "price/cost" only. This new instant understanding of insurance raises their expectation of what a broker/producer really do.

Screen Share - device - and presentation ready

Your NuMind insurance maps are high resolution PDFs and available in laminated 11"X`7" formatt for in-person presentation.

Your benefit: You now have available very visual and versatile sales and educational tools that can be used in any sales and service situation. The NuMind insurance maps create conversations you have never had before.

NuMind Maps explain themselves

Each of the NuMind insurance maps are self directing. Insurance buyers instantly see insurance processes that they need to understand.

Your benefit: Producers and CSR'S tell us that by showing NuMind insurance maps they are are being appreciated by their clients and prospects. They say both clients AND prospects tell them they now understand what they actually do for them.

Maps tell us where we are in relation to information, give us a sense of perspective, and enable us to make comparisons to information.

NuMind insurance maps create dialogs and questions  you have never had before.

We have spent thousands of man hours architecting our NuMind Insurance map libraries. Each of the NuMind insurance maps have the following features:

Logo & Website Address

Each NuMind insurance map has your logo and website address added. All NuMind maps are made for on-screen, tablet and in-person presentation. They are stunning sales tools.

Key Processes Visualized

Each NuMind insurance map shows a key insurance process that insurance buyers seldom see visualized. A claims map seen for the first time is a show stopper. Lots of questions asked.

Your Services Mapped

Few insurance agencies SHOW the services they actually deliver to their clients. This is the first step you need to do to instantly differentiate yourself  from your competition.

"Presented to a Brown & Brown client. They said they have never seen anything like NuMind. Big wows with the maps and models. I got BOR letters signed on six carriers. Prospect said he had never understood how insurance worked before"

Michelle H.

NuMind Member

The NuMind mapping team was the first to create and introduce visualized insurance proposal templates AND map key insurance processes in the insurance industry. The mapping team has had (and still does) numerous on-site mapping sessions with agencies throughout the US mapping agency products, services, and insurance processes.

Note: NuMind is now testing new coverage maps that show the "architecture" of specific types of coverage ie, such as homeowners insurance. The new maps visualize the architecture of coverage in a typical policy — a "how it works" map. No numbers needed. Very new and very breakthrough.

If you want your commercial insurance proposal templates to be permanently remembered do this.

Combine NuMind Insurance Maps AND NuMind Coverage Recommended templates with your insurance proposal templates. You are guaranteed to have a insurance dialog with the prospect both you and the insurance buyer (the prospect or client) have never had before. Including a map (or maps) into a dialog especially if the map (or maps) visualizes the subject under discussion is the most powerful mental ambush you can spring on the prospect or client. Instantly you are perceived as no longer selling insurance, but as a teacher or guide who is educating the buyer about the coverage they really need. A dialog that is compelling, powerful and memorable. 

What NuMind Insurance Map libraries are available.

All NuMind Insurance Maps are 11" X 17" size and high resolution PDF format designed for on-screen, tablet and in-person presentation. You have the option of having your maps laminated. They are a visually stunning presentation that create dialogs you have never had before.

Commercial Lines Insurance Maps

  • Coverage Recommendations 17 Step Process (how it works)
  • Business Insurance Renewal Process (how it works)
  • How Business Insurance is Purchased Process (how it works)
  • Risk Management Process (how it works) 
  • Business Insurance Claims Process (how it works)
  • Broker of Record Process (how it works)
  • Audit Process for General Liability (in beta)

Workers' Compensation Insurance Maps

  • Workers Comp Claims Process (how it works)
  • Workers Comp Purchase Process (how it works)
  • Workers Comp Renewal Process (how it works)
  • Workers Comp How to Prevent Injuries Processes (how it works)
  • Workers Comp How to Manage Injuries Processes (how it works)
  • Workers Comp Audit Process (in beta)

Personal Lines Insurance Maps

  • Homeowners Insurance explained (how it works)
  • Personal Insurance Claims (how it works)
  • Personal Insurance Purchase Process (how it works)
  • Personal Insurance Renewal Process (how it works)

Your Agency Maps customized for you

  • Your Agency Services in detail
  • Your Agency Insurance Products in detail

“My 25-minute meeting was cut to 7 minutes. I got a broker of record letter signed in 7 minutes. No numbers, no proposal. I used my NuMind Broker of Record Map in my NuMind presentation. Sat next to the prospect and walked her through the BOR map. Asked if she understood or had any concerns. She got it, commented she had never seen a Broker of Record Process Map from her current broker and readily agreed to the BOR letter. She followed right along, and that was that”. 

Roger M. and team

NuMind Member

Key Points to Remember

  • The mind maps everything. This is how humans navigate the world they live in.
  • Map users assume the map to be true until proven otherwise.
  • Maps are a neutral mental space in the viewers mind. 
  • Roles change. Buyers become students, sellers become teachers. 
  • Viewing a map creates a massive pattern interruption in the map viewers mind.

Seeing NuMind is a massive mental ambush!